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Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet is a craft beer podcast for music fans. Using their expertise in beer and music, these three lifelong friends Jay Rose, Rob Forczek, & James “Richard” Rabic bring brewers and beers to every episode, while providing insider knowledge on the exploding craft beer industry. The podcast is a part of the Osiris Media Network which is a national network that partners with JamBase.com. The show works because Richard is a beer novice while Jay Rose and Rob have seen the craft beer business grow up and become what it is today. They approach the show in the same way they would approach improvising on stage as musicians; not much planning and minimal actual “show prep.” It’s a free-wheeling conversation about beer, the business of beer, and the parallels between the beer business and the music business. Beers are consumed and discussed, stories are told, and hopefully lessons are learned. Hopefully....

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    #127 A Band Of Brothers

    In segment one we explore what was basically the last live show anyone attended. Life long friend and listener to the podcast, Keith Oltman, celebrated his 45th birthday at MSG for the Brother's Show. It turned out to be an incredible show and Keith gives us his rundown of the show and what the vibes were like inside MSG that night.

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    #122 Down on the Farm With Hilary and Blair from Rabbit Hill Farm and Malt House

    Hilary Barile and Blair Bakker are 5th generation farmers at Rabbit Hill Farms in Shiloh NJ. For 4 generations Rabbit Hill was known for their Jersey Fresh potatoes. As American diets started shifting away from carbs, potatoes started feeling the pinch and Rabbit Hill had some decisions to make. At the same time, Hilary and Blair started noticing craft breweries and distilleries sprouting up in every direction in NJ. They had a brainstorm to grow barley, malt it themselves, and sell it to NJ breweries and distilleries. It was just crazy enough to work! On this episode Hilary and Blair break down the whole story, explain what barley malt is, how it's malted, and why the beer you're holding would just be hop water without it!

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    #121 Founders Brewing Wrap-Up With Natalie Crystal from Founders

    After we hung out with Dave Engbers and and Bob Kaiser on the phone in the last episode, we wrapped up the calls live with Natalie Crystal, New Jersey and Delaware Area Sales Manager for Founders. You’ll notice Natalie took the place of our host Jay Rose for this episode, he was VERY BUSY and had to hurry out the door after the phone calls. Nat does an awesome job mixing it up with Rob and Richard while opening a few heavy hitters from Founders including Mas' Agave, Blushing Monk, and Barrel Runner. She was also nice enough to open a Kane Brewing Mexican Brunch for good measure. Thank you Founders Brewing and thank you Natalie for 2 great episodes!

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    #115 Jim Conroy Lead Brewer For The Alchemist

    Jim Conroy, Lead Brewer from The Alchemist, joins us to talk about the brewery and the beer that basically changed the craft beer landscape. Jim walks us through his beginnings with The Alchemist and how they struggled to keep up with production, up to now as they have expanded and have been able to make more beer. We talk about old school lot beers, how Heady has become the official beer of Phish lots, and what the future holds for The Alchemist.

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    #79 Live at Monk's Cafe in Philly with Felicia D'Ambrosio and Tom Peters

    Just in time for Philly Beer Week, we sit down with Felicia D'Ambrosio and Tom Peters from the LEGENDARY Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia. In the first half we discuss all things Federal Donuts and Phish with Felicia. We get to the bottom of how she's involved with Federal Donuts and how they became the official donut of Phish's Bakers Dozen at Madison Square Garden last Summer. Oh, and Felicia ALSO works at Monk's! Tom Peters, the owner of Monks joins the conversation for the second half . Felicia and Tom drop SERIOUS beer science and help us remember why we love what we do in the beer business. Tom tells us us the Monks story first hand and gives us a rare look behind the curtain at one of the most important beer bars on EARTH! We are still vibrating from this episode and can't thank Tom and Felicia enough. Grab an Orval, pour it in a glass, and thank Tom Peters while you're listening to this episode!

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    #75 Part 2 Live From Jupiter Records For Record Store Day

    Part 2 of our Record Store Day extravaganza at Jupiter Records in Woodbury Heights NJ. Ryan Horner from Dogfish sits in, Chuck Garrity from Death Of A Fox Brewing saves the day with a corkscrew to open the Neshaminy In The Midnight Sour, George from the Woodbury FAF Coalition Explains Lot 323, and Jay Rose and Rob explain how they both discovered the No Simple Road Podcast on the same day at the same time. Good stuff. If you want open a beer and play a drinking game while you listen, DRINK every time Rob mentions Ohio.

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    #74 Live From Jupiter Records For Record Store Day

    This is segment 1 of 2 from what has now become a bit of a tradition for us. This is our 3rd Record Store Day Podcast, and the second year in a row we've done it from Jupiter Records in Woodbury Heights NJ. Record Store Day falls right at the end of the Hippie High Holidaze of Bicycle Day, 4/20, the anniversary of Prince's death and Earth Day. Seeing as how Dogfish Head is the official beer of Record Store Day, we had Ryan Horner from Dogfish sit in with some beautiful liquid. The theme of this one was "Opening The Vaults." We all brought beers from the deep dark recesses of our collections and opened them on the show. Most of the beers that were opened were older than our children. Rob opens a VERY sour Stone Enjoy After, Jay Rose breaks down how to drink a sour beer, Steve Zimmerman from Jupiter shares some of the more ridiculous things he finds in record collections, and Richard enjoys an 11 year old 120 IPA. Chuck Garrity from Death Of A Fox Brewing in Clarksboro NJ hangs for a bit to explain how his brewery is a coffee house and his coffee house is a brewery. Very cool stuff. Open a beer from your vault and enjoy the ride!

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    #73 Saison Day from Tonewood Brewing in Oaklyn NJ

    Everyday is IPA day. Even though there's an actual "IPA Day" on the calendar (sometime in August maybe?) it really occurs every day of the week. Saison needed its own day to bask in the sunlight and be appreciated for its delicate intricacies, and Allagash Brewing created such a day. We celebrated Saison Day with our very good friends at Tonewood brewing. Ryan Egan from Tonewood sat in, Jared Ruocco from Allagash stopped by to explain Saison Day, we figured out where our lost microphone cables escaped to, and Richard explains his latest employment situation. I don't remember the last time we laughed this hard on a podcast. If you need a few HA-HA's in your life, this is the episode for you. Pop open a beautiful Saison and enjoy the ride.

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    #72 Sam Calagione Founder Of Dogfish Head Brewing Live at The Blue Monkey Tavern in Merchantville NJ

    72 was recorded at the Blue Monkey Tavern in Merchantville NJ first with just us, then with the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewing, Sam Calagione. You might remember Dogfish from such productions as 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA, 120 Minute IPA, and literally changing the face of craft brewing in America. We wrap up AC Beer Fest, we talk about Dogfish Beers, the Beer Biz, music, craft beer cocktails, and variety pack packaging that doubles as a cooler. A very compelling episode with one of the people on our Craft Beer Mt. Rushmore. Heady stuff!

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    #71 Ironbound Cider House Party With Cam Stark and Erin Baschwitz From Ironbound

    71 takes place around a kitchen table at a kitschy Air B & B right outside Atlantic City NJ with Cam and Erin from Ironbound Cider. Ironbound is located on a farm in northwest NJ that produces legitimate, handmade, artful, hard cider. With over 25 years of wine making experience under his belt, Cam is the Cider Maker at Ironbound and walks us through the steps it takes to make such a beautiful beverage. Erin is one of the people responsible for getting the cider from the farm, to your hands. We discuss regenerative farming, employing ex-cons and refugees, cider apples vs eating apples, and the challenges involved with going up against giant multinational sweet cider producers on shelves and on tap. This one is very educational!

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    #70 Back In Business

    Annnnnnd we're back! With a slight equipment upgrade we're back to sounding like we know what we're doing and firing on cylinders! On this episode we celebrate our first legit episode on the Osiris Podcast Network with a 5 year old Allagash Tiarna, and we explain our new theme music which is from our band from the 90's. John Couchoud from South Jersey Beer Scene calls in to help us navigate the ever-murky waters of NJ beer politics, there's a general discussion about a new "craft beer" tasting room in Philly, and Richard explains how he's taking over the world of podcasting one podcast at a time.

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    #69 NICE.

    This episode takes place at the bar in Rob's house and was recorded on 3 iPhones. We each had one in front of us. All 3 files were sent to Richard where he married the audio to make it sound whole. Only issue was, Jay Rose got 2 calls during the recording which threw off the Synch. Richard being the audio dynamo that he his, saved the episode. JR sounds a little like a Daft Punk robot toward the end which isn't the end of the world. That's what he gets for not turning on airplane mode while recording. We drink beers from Omnipollo, Evil Twin, Neshaminy Creek, and our boys Tonewood. A NICE time was had by all.

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    #68 Live From Philly Homebrew Outlet in Oaklyn NJ

    This episode was recorded with Jimmy McMillan and Nick Less from their newest Philly Homebrew Outlet location in Oaklyn NJ. We touch on all the interesting things these guys are up to over there from home brewing, to bee keeping, to making homemade sourdough bread, Kombucha, and soap. They're located next to Tonewood brewing and they're ready to help you discover a new DIY hobby! Also, Richard's dog is prominently featured on the podcast barking every 4 seconds followed by Richard clapping at the dog to quiet it down. That does not work. Like at all. Beers are consumed and whiskey shows up at the end just to make sure the end of the podcast is the train wreck it normally is. Mission accomplished.

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    #67 Live From The Brickwall Tavern AND Cooper Hospital AND San Diego

    This episode happened in 3 different places. We did the episode at the Brickwall Tavern in Burlington City. We then cut to a few minutes of a podcast that was never released that Rob and Jay Rose did with Andy "The Beer Man" Coppock on a trip to San Diego in 2015. Then another cut to Cooper Hospital in Camden NJ after Richard's latest procedure. Anyone know what a Dolphin Bed is? You'll find out. Also, Ryan and Schaffer from Evermore Coffee Roasters stop by to talk coffee while sipping Hill Farmstead Beers with us.

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    #66 Live from Tonewood Brewing in Oaklyn NJ

    This episode has been a long time in the making. We sit down with Eli, Taylor, Ryan and Katie from Tonewood Brewing to discuss how they have risen to become one of the hottest breweries in the region! You'll see how we go from quiet, to comfortable and informative, to complete chaos over the course of 2 1/2+ hours. We added some music in spots, Jay Rose did a voice over 2 hours and 25 mins in to describe the chaos and the end is well... you should hear it, Phish is involved! This might be some of our best work and easily one of the most fun podcasts we've ever done, you'll def hear that when you listen. Grab a Fuego and and take a ride with Tonewood!

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    #65 Live From AC Seafood Fest with Dan from Brotherton Brewing and Mike from Three 3's Brewing

    This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at the Atlantic City Seafood Fest back in mid September where we had 2, 30 minute segments to pack in as much content as possible. The first segment is with Dan from Brotherton Brewing in Shamong NJ and the second is with Mike from Three 3's brewing in Hammonton. Definitely a departure from what we normally do, but we did it. Grab a beer and try to keep up, we move QUICKLY!

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    #64 Richard's Health Isn't Ideal

    A new Episode! Well that seems logical. I honestly have no idea what we talked about on this episode. Please listen to it and remind me what did or didn't't talk about. #That'sAEuropeanThing

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    #63 Goose and Egg at Tiki Tiki Board Games

    This one was recorded on a stormy Friday night in August at Tiki Tiki Board Games. We were supposed to record live from a a street fest in Woodbury NJ but it got rained out which put us back at Tiki Tiki. We tried to line up guests on short notice and we were 0 for 6. At the end of the show when we thank guests, of which we had none, Richard thanked Goose and Egg. He's a charmer that Richard.

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    #62 Andy Newell From Flying Fish Brewing Company

    Have you enjoyed a pint of beer at local NJ brewery recently? If you have, you have Andy Newell and Gene Muller From Flying Fish to thank for that. They helped write the legislation to make pints in a brewery a real thing in NJ. We rap with Andy about the long, sordid history of NJ beer laws and what Flying Fish has done to revolutionize how we consume beer from NJ breweries. The beginning of the podcast is a behind the scenes peek at the conversations that go on "off mic." In this instance, the conversation wasn't exactly off mic. Lucky for you, awkwardness and hilarity are our #1 priority.

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    #61 Richard Is Back From The Brink Of Extinction

    The return of Richard! After a nasty Diverticulitis flare-up, 7 day hospital stay, and a new accessory added to his body, Richard explains in detail exactly what happened how it happened, and what is the next step in the Summer Of Richard. We sip on a couple beers from 2011, laugh about Jay Rose wearing an ill-fitting track suit on stage, and officially introduce Ryan Harbinson as our 4th member of the squad.

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    #60 Live at Tiki Tiki Boardgames with Ryan Harbinson

    Back at our home base, Tiki Tiki Boardgames in Woodbury NJ. We jump right into talking about all the recent ABI acquisitions including the craft beer website Rate Beer, and the overall sustainability of being an independent craft brewery in 2017. It's a great point, counter point discussion on the current state of the craft beer union. Juice Bomb IPA's take a beating from Rob and Jay Rose (as usual, and Jay Rose takes a beating from everyone toward the end of the show.

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    #59 Live from Jupiter Records on Record Store Day 2017

    This episode was recorded on Record Store Day at Jupiter Records in Woodbury Heights NJ. We drink a ton of great beer and discuss the parallels between the craft beer world and the record collecting world. Steve Zimmerman from Jupiter Records sits in, we learn about "The Summer Of Richard", and George from the Woodbury FAF Coalition drops some knowledge about the Lot 323 event and how it benefits the arts in Woodbury. Also, Matt and Abe from Big Noise Music Fest stop in to tell us to go down to Delaware on May 20th to check out some killer music! Strap in, this is a long one!

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    #58 Record Store Day Preview with Dogfish Head Brewing and Jupiter Records

    58 finds us back at our home base, Tiki Tiki Board Games in Woodbury NJ for our Record Store Day Preview. Are you aware that Record Store Day is on April 22 this year? Are you also aware that Dogfish Head is the Official Beer of Record Store Day? We combine 2 of our favorite things as we sit down with Ryan Horner from Dogfish Head Brewing and Steve Zimmerman from Jupiter Records. Dogfish beers are cracked, we explore the parallel universes of craft beer and rare records, and announce where you can find the Dogfish/Crosley truck in South Jersey .

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    #57 Sunday Morning Mimoso's At Tiki Tiki w/ Ryan Harbinson

    Sleepy Sunday morning episode from our new home base at Tiki Tiki Board Game Shop in Woodbury NJ. Ryan from Tiki Tiki sits in, he pours us his version of a beer mimosa, (he calls them mimoso's for some reason), and we go deep into the NJ beer wholesaler matrix. Richard invents a word, Jay Rose is hung over and Rob finds that amusing, and a 50/50 Eclipse from 2015 gets opened. Also, one of our guests on the next segment shows up early and sits in for the last few mins.

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    #56 Live From Band Of Brewers Vol 5 at World Cafe Live in Philly

    Segment 2 from Philly Beer Scene Band Of Brewers at World Cafe Live. We Drink a mystery bottle, and try to figure out the difference between Porter and Stout and Baltic Porter. Rob Jahn from Neshaminy Creek Brewing stops by to talk about their new location and we drink a super exclusive Transmitter beer with him.

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    #55 Live From Band Of Brewers Vol 5 at World Cafe Live in Philly

    We're live from World Cafe Live in Philadelphia for the Philly Beer Scene Magazine Band Of Brewers Volume 5. We dissect the ever changing world of beer wholesalers in NJ and what we can expect moving forward. We drink some Troegs, some Stone, and we scream about classic German styles. Mat Falco from Philly Beer Scene Magazine sits in for the last few minutes and breaks some news about something we're technically not really allowed to talk about. So there's that.

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    #9 Live from the Pour House 4/26/15

    Segment 1 of 2 live from The Pourhouse in Westmont NJ. The "stupid question of the day alarm" happens by accident, a hung over Jay Rose completely fakes his way through and bungles the description of a vintage cider, Wine expert Andrea Billick helps Jay decipher the cider, and Richard's man crush on John Mayer is reveled.

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    #54 Segment 2 from Tiki Tiki Boardgames w/ Paul Brown From Good Time Tricycle Productions

    Segment 2 from Tiki Tiki Board Game Shop in Woodbury NJ features Paul Brown from Good Time Tricycle. Who is Paul Brown? He's a force of NATURE! What is Good Time Tricycle? They are the production company that puts on the Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest every year. Who is Richard? He's the guy the that owns the computer that crashes mid-podcast. He explains what happened and how he fixed it as the podcast goes on. Always something...

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    #52 The Final Pour At The Pour 2016 Beer In Review

    This episode was recorded at in the Bar in Rob Forczek's basement affectionately called "The Pompous Pour." As you listen to this, Rob and his fam are in a new house, so we thought it was fitting to to wrap up the year that was 2016 with the Final Pour at the Pour. We went straight through on this one with no edits and no breaks. We now present all 2 hours and 50 mins of #52! Happy this, merry that, drink something awesome.

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    #51 Live At The Blue Monkey Segment 2

    Segment 2 from the Blue Monkey Tavern finds us drinking Peruvian beers with our good friend Dawn Cisler. Dawn had just come back from Peru and surprised us at the Blue Monkey with good beer and amazing Peruvian Chocolate. In light of the election, Richard diagrams it all out perfectly a month prior to the actual election. Turns out he's a wise, old, sage. Also we drink an AMAZING homebrew and we were not sure who made it.

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    #50 Live at The Blue Monkey Tavern

    First of 2 segments recorded upstairs at the Blue Monkey Tavern in Merchantville NJ before their annual Fall Beer fest. Rob Forczek calls in from the field, and Richard brings a bunch of beers from his personal stash and enjoys his picks, and we hold up the progress of a gentleman trying to vacuum the room.

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    #49 Seg 2 From The Pompous Pour (Rob Forczek's Basement) Father's Day Tales

    In this second and final segment from Rob's bar in his basement, the boys drink a ton of beer from Rob's Allagash visit, Richard scares children at a red light, and Jay Rose shares the ridiculous sequence of events that shaped his Father's Day . This is a long one but man it's worth it!

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    #48 From the Pompous Pour (Rob Forczek's Basement)

    48 takes place in Rob's Forczek's basement, better known as "The Pompous Pour." Occasionally it's a gas to do a podcast with just us, in a quiet place, with not a ton of swirling shenanigans. Rob Forczek does allllll the show prep, Richard proclaims he's a craft beer yellow belt, Jay Rose explains how he makes cold brew coffee, and we geek out over a smoked porter that was created on the fly. This one has a chill vibe to it. That's nice occasionally.

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    #47 Seg. 3 Neshaminy Creek 4th Anniversary

    3rd and final segment from the Neshaminy Creek Brewing's 4th Anniversary Party. In this episode we sit down with Rob Jahn and Steve Capelli, Co-owners and operators of Neshaminy Creek Brewing, we get pretty deep (for us) into the heated world of politics with Richard, and a couple random ladies take over the open mics toward the end. 3rd segments are usually never a good idea, this one is easily our best. Crack a Jawn and get in to it.

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    #46 Seg. 2 Neshaminy Creek 4th Anniversary

    46 is segment 2 from the Neshaminy Creek Brewing 4th Anniversary Party. Not bad for a second segment! John Hoyos from Hunterdon sits in, and we introduce a new segment called "Beer Soaked Politics With Richard THE Rastafarian." We don't get too far into the segment before it gets derailed by the Neshaminy Creek GM, the one and only, Pat Pie. Strap in, this is a FUNNY EPISODE! Get into it!

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    #45 Neshaminy Creek 4th Anniversary Party

    45 Finds us in the enormous warehouse space before the doors open at the Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. 4th Anniversary party. Philly Beer Week is recapped, we dissect micro vs craft vs independent beer with John Hoyos from Hunterdon, and we talk about how craft spirits seem to be "more craft" than beer. We also get a long overdue update on the ever evolving status of Richard's many occupations. Crack a JAWN and enjoy the ride.

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    #44 Segment 2 Live from the Pourhouse For Rob's 40th Birthday

    Our second segment celebrating the 40th birthday of everyone's favorite co-host, Rob Forczek. We continue to drink through all the beautiful beers Andy O brought, a Hill Farmstead Dorothy was opened, and Ed Hughes drops a Blue IPA from Tired Hands on us. We also hear about a best man speech that didn't stand a chance, Jay Rose and Rob's CBC shenanigans, Dan admits he's a bad producer, and somehow Richard becomes the judge of Jay Rose's Stone Brewing event disappearing act. Richard as a judge, yep, you read that correctly. This is a big one, it clocks in at right about an hour and a half. A big show for a big birthday extravaganza!

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    #43 Live from The Pourhouse for Rob's 40'th Birthday

    43 takes place upstairs at the Pourhouse in Westmont NJ. We recorded with about 20 of our friends as we celebrated Rob Forczek's 40th Birthday. Richard, not wanting to give up the spotlight for any reason, strolled in an hour and 15 mins late to the recording. We waited for him, and so did the entire upstairs of the bar. Good times, same as it ever was.

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    #42 The Purple Episode Live at The Blue Monkey Tavern

    Our first podcast in a post-Prince world. We rap about Prince while drinking a Beer To Drink Music To from Dogfish Head. We welcome Bear Republic Brewing back to NJ with a Racer 5 and We crack open a growler of an El Dorado Rum Barrel Aged Exit 4 from Flying Fish. This Exit 4 was barreled exclusively by Flying Fish for Joe Canal's in West Deptford NJ. It was only poured at the Joe Canals growler station, and we got our hands on an elusive growler.

  100. Thumb 1519864265 artwork

    FOACBP Presents Psychedelic Shack #1 w/ Tom Bazis from Float SJ

    4/20! Welcome to 'The Psychedelic Shack!' No beer here, Jay Rose and Richard have teamed up for a podcast side-project called, "The Psychedelic Shack" which will focus on all things psychedelic. In this first episode, we sit down with Tom Bazis, owner/operator of Float SJ Float Center in Marlton NJ. If you've ever had questions about Sensory Depravation tanks/Float Tanks, this is the podcast for you. Tom is a modern day Shaman, Richard drops neuroscience knowledge, and Jay Rose does whatever Tom tells him to do. This episode is the perfect companion to your 4/20 plans. Fire this one up and enjoy the day!

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    #40 Tim Roberts & The Rick Anstotz Live at Yards

    40 takes us to Yards Brewing in Philadelphia where we had the great opportunity to talk with Tim Roberts, Head Brewer at Yards Brewing Company and The Rick Anstotz, sales manager for Yards Brewing Company. We talk about the brewing process, Cape Of Good hope (there was a test batch on tap that day, proper filtration, and expansion rumors. Richard behaves himself, Rob raises his hand, and Ron Johnson is fired.

  103. Thumb 1519864260 artwork

    #39 Live From Band Of Brewers Segment 3

    In our third and final segment from Band Of Brewers at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia sponsored by Philly Beer Scene Magazine, things sort of fall apart. This tends to happen frequently on our last segments considering the amount of beer everyone involved had already consumed. It's fun, chaotic, and not at all informative. Kinda like you at a party after one hour too many. Give a listen, it'll make sense. Or it won't. It probably won't.

  104. Thumb 1519864199 artwork

    #38 Live From Band Of Brewers Segment 2

    Segment 2 of our Philly Beer Scene Band Of Brewers Podcast. In this one we have a few guests from Neshaminy Creek Brewing, one is Kyle. one is Stephan, the other we can't really mention. You'll hear why. Laura from Weyerbacher stops by, Mat Falco admits off-mic that he doesn't listen, and we learn the difference between prison and jail. Oh, and there's a group sing-along of the song Your Love by Outfield. Ridiculous.

  105. Thumb 1519864197 artwork

    #37 Live From Band Of Brewers Segment 1

    This is our first segment from Philly Beer Scene Magazine's Band Of Brewers at World Cafe Live in West Philly. Band of Brewers is a battle of of the local brewery bands and we did a podcast from the lobby of the theater. In this segment, we recap our interview with Bill Covaleski, talk about the Victory/Southern Tier merger, and we drank an IPA from a brewery out of NY called Rushing Duck.

  106. Thumb 1519864181 artwork

    #36 Segment 3 From UNO's Hamilton with Nat Dechico and Laura Wallover

    Our last segment from UNO's Hamilton with Natalie Dechico and Laura Wallover. Nat and Laura Skewer Jay Rose and make a play for their own podcast. Jay Rose meditates, Richard sits on a high perch, and we pair beer with cookies and ice cream. Nat's pops Joe Dechico and Nat's boyfriend Scott Crystal from Hunterdon both sit in toward the end of the episode.

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    Bill Covaleski from Victory Brewing Sits Down With Us Live From City Tap House U-City

    On Friday Feb 12, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the co-founder of Victory Brewing Co, Bill Covaleski at City Tap House, 4 days before they announced a merge with Southern Tier Brewing Co. We had an idea something was up, but Bill couldn't really talk about it yet. In light of the news, it's fun to listen to Bill's answers to our questions, he was telling us without really telling us. City Tap House was hosting a VBC 20 year anniversary party, there were 20 Victory Beers on tap, and plenty of Victory people in the bar. This was a fun one. Crack a Storm King and get in to it, get involved.

  108. Thumb 1519864162 artwork

    #34 Natalie DeChico From Founders Brewing Sits in

    34 is our second segment recorded at Pizzeria UNO's in Hamilton NJ. Natalie DeChico from Founders Brewing sits in and drops some SERIOUS Founders beers on us. Richard explains his opportunity of a lifetime, uses the word svelte incorrectly, and writes things in British. He was very busy.

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    #33 Live at UNO's Hamilton with Laura Wallover From Weyerbacher Brewing

    33 is the first of three podcasts we recorded at Pizzeria UNO's in Hamilton NJ. Laura Wallover from Weyerbacher Brewing sits in for the first segment, pours us a handful of fantastic Weyerbacher beers including Sunday Morning Stout, and explains how she's Richard's biggest fan. Jay Rose continues to rail against the beer app, Richard and Jay Rose explain a Garlic Bread Baked Ziti Sandwich, and we learn that nobody wants to be a catalyst for Richard's dirty underwear.

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  111. Thumb 1519864141 artwork

    #31 What's On Tap Podcast with Gary Monterosso, Tara Nurin, and Kimmie Kocktail

    Richard and Jay Rose welcome Gary Monterosso, Tara Nurin, and Kimmie Kocktail to the podcast. This episode was recorded at the Old Oar House in Millville NJ after Jay Rose and Richard recorded an episode of What's On Tap with Gary and Tara. That's a mouthful. We open a Neshaminy Creek Biere de Creek, Tara breaks some exciting career news, and Gary explains his connection to Michael Jackson. Not that Michael Jackson.

  112. Thumb 1519864195 artwork

    #30 The Lost Episode!

    This episode was recorded on Jay's iPhone on June 28th 2015 at 3:30AM after Jay Rose, Richard, Rob Forczek, and John Hoyos watched the first installment of the GD 50th concert. The boys streamed the show from San Francisco at Rob's bar in his house, known as "The Pompous Pour." After copious amounts of alcohol and music, a spirited (drunken)argument about John Mayer playing with the Dead when it was just a rumor, went on entirely too long. More bottles were opened and probably shouldn't have been, Al Gore is recognized as a Navy Seal Dead Head, John Hoyos claims not to be an expert in anything and B-12 will sink your battleship. This one is all over the place.

  113. Thumb 1519864190 artwork

    #29 Part 2 of our FOACBP Holiday Extravaganza - Merry This Happy That

    Part two of our Holiday Extravaganza and our final podcast of 2015. Jay Rose still can't taste anything, we do a vertical sampling of 2013, 2014, 2015 Troegs Mad Elf, and discuss the moving parts involved in pricing and distribution of the Elf. We also crack open a 2010 Sierra Nevada Fritz and Ken from Rob's Stash. The end of this one turns into a Richard Roast that will be the funniest thing you've heard in a long time. Merry this and happy that, celebrate the season with amazing craft beverages. See you in 2016.

  114. Thumb 1519864193 artwork

    #28 FOACBP Holiday Extravaganza - Hello My Friends

    Part one of our Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Holiday Extravaganza takes place at the bar in Rob Forczek's basement, also knows as the Pompous Pour. Jay Rose is slightly under the weather and can't taste anything making for an interesting podcast. Richard learns how fruit gets in the beer, Rob Forczek goes to a Laura Branigan concert, and the Seef Head is demystified. If you're not already in the holiday spirit, don't look for this to help you. You're on your own.

  115. Thumb 1519864191 artwork

    #27 Just Some Guys Sittin Around Eating Apples & Drinking Cider Part 2

    Part 2 of our Apple Extravaganza with Jon Glyn from Philadelphia Farm to City. Jon brought a handful of great apples that you can't find in stores, Richard learns that eating apples and drinking cider is not too much apple, a good time was evidently had by all.

  116. Thumb 1519864124 artwork

    #26 Just Some Guys Sittin Around Eating Apples & Drinking Cider

    In this episode we are joined by Jon Glyn. Jon Runs a network of farmers markets n the Philadelphia area. Jon considers himself an expert in the field of apple varieties. We pair all of the delicious apples Jon brought, with an array of beautiful ciders. Richard is late and we'll find out why, and Rob Forczek is replaced by the Seef Head, our new mascot.

  117. Thumb 1519864123 artwork

    #25 Beer vs. Wine Dinner Segment 5 Are I Not Hot?

    This is the 5th and FINAL SEGMENT of our Beer vs. Wine dinner. It was a very long day and things start to unravel slightly. Dino drops coffee science, Andrea loves Natalie Merchant, Richard yells and whispers into the mic, while Jay Rose tries to keep things under some sort of control. Sort of. Not really.

  118. Thumb 1519864105 artwork

    #24 Beer vs. Wine Dinner Segment 4 The Bottle Is Drunk

    Things start to get slightly sideways in this segment as the long day slowly turns into an interesting night. This segment of our Beer and Wine Dinner features a home made Beet Ravioli with home made ricotta cheese and roasted goat expertly prepared by Chef Todd and Chef Jason. Dino pairs it with a killer Montepulciano and the Craft Beer Planet boys pair it with Schneider Aventinus.

  119. Thumb 1519864104 artwork

    #23 Beer vs. Wine Dinner Segment 3 Bacon Fat Goat Tostada

    Segment 3 we get into a bacon fat tostada made with the goat freshly off of the spit. Ann Marie sits in from Jorge Ordonez to present the 1964 Faustino, Bernard Johnson from Unibroue sit's in and brings us Unibroue beers that you can only get from Bernard. Crazy stuff. Get in on this!

  120. Thumb 1519864086 artwork
  121. Thumb 1519864085 artwork

    #21 Beer vs. Wine Dinner Segment 1

    This is the first segment of our Beer vs Wine Dinner Podcast from Andrea's house in Cherry Hill NJ. Chef Todd Bannan and Chef Jason Clarke prepared a world class dinner for us to pair craft beer and wine with.

  122. Thumb 1519864067 artwork

    #20 Segment 3 with Chef Todd Bannan Live From Union Pork Co.

    3rd and final segment with Chef Todd Bannan at Union Pork Co. Chef Todd fires us up his signature BLT with his Bacon Bourbon Marmalade and homemade apple cider donuts rolled in honey and dusted with crushed Union Pork Co. Bacon. We crack open a Lolita, a KBS, and a Worldwide Stout. Meat speaks to Richard, and we learn we learn what exactly an heirloom tomato is.

  123. Thumb 1519864067 artwork

    #19 Segment 2 With Chef Todd Bannan Live From Union Pork Co.

    Segment 2 of our show with Chef Todd Bannan at Union Pork Co. We enjoy more of Chef Todd's amazing bacon-inspired dishes and we pair awesome beer with his food. Also, Richard gives us a small glimpse into his everyday life and it's unbelievably funny by complete accident.

  124. Thumb 1519864123 artwork

    #18 With Chef Todd Bannan Live From Union Pork Co.

    18 is segment 1 of 3 Live from Union Pork Co. with Chef Todd Bannan. Todd owns Union Pork Co and makes all his bacon and scrapple products from scratch. Todd will also be our chef for our wine and beer pairing podcast that will start on episode #21 in late September. We spend these next 3 episodes getting to know Chef Todd as he whips up some AMAZING food for us to pair with beer at the Union Pork Co. Bar. Settle in and enjoy the show. Thanks for Listening!

  125. Thumb 1519864119 artwork

    #17 With JoJo and Scotty from The 100.7 WZXL Morning Show

    In this episode Richard and Jay Rose hang out in the studio with Scotty and JoJo from the 100.7 WZXL morning show. The boys crack open a Prism Blond and a Prism Brunette which both feature JoJo and Scotty on the label. A Dogfish Namaste is opened and mixed with orange juice to make a beer-mimosa, old Camden war stories are discussed, and JoJo and Scotty give us a glimpse of what it's like to work with Richard daily.

  126. Thumb 1519864119 artwork

    #16 Live from Neshaminy Creek Brewing Seg 3 w/ Pat Pie

    In segment 3 we wrap up our visit to Neshaminy Creek Brewing with Tasting Room Manager Pat Pie. DC Nick sits in, we do an In The Crosshairs segment with Pat Pie, tell some Richard stories, and Pat Pie drops some exclusive Neshaminy Creek Brewing news on us towards the end of the podcast. One of our funniest episodes yet!

  127. Thumb 1519864045 artwork

    #15 Live From Neshaminy Creek Brewing Seg 2 w/Jeremy Myers

    In Segment 2 we enjoy a Neshaminy Creek Shapes Of Hops To Come at the brewery with Jeremy Myers, Co-Founder and Head Brewer For Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. This segment is a great opportunity for craft beer fans to see the inter-workings, daily operations, and behind the scenes antics of one of the fastest growing breweries in the area. Fire this up with a beer and enjoy the show!

  128. Thumb 1519864043 artwork

    #14 Live From Neshaminy Creek Brewing 7-11-15 Seg 1

    BIG SHOW! This is segment one of three from Neshaminy Creek Brewing CO! In this episode we sit down with Rob Jahn, one of the founders of Neshaminy Creek Brewing. Listen as Rob gives us an unabashed, behind the scenes look at all things Neshaminy Creek Brewing! Our #1 Superfan Nick Houhoulis (Nicky HouHou, DC Nicky)drove all the way up from DC to sit in for the day, Rob Forczek is on board, Dan steers the ship, Jay Rose still hates root beer, and Richard is blissfully Richard. This is a great episode! Two more episodes on the way featuring Jeremy Myers and Pat Pie. These are not to be missed!!

  129. Thumb 1519864116 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Podcast #13 Segment 2 Live from The Pourhouse 6-13-15

    Part 2 of our Pourhouse NJ podcast starts with a new segment: In The Crosshairs With Jay Rose. Find out what's got Jay fired up this week. Rob Forczek sits in, Tara Nurin from Beer For Babes and Gray Rosen from Barley Legal Homebrew Club stop in for a visit. Also, beers from Dogfish and Flying Fish, and Jay digs deep into his stash to wow the panel and the people at the bar with an amazing beer. Tune in to see what it is!

  130. Thumb 1519864021 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Podcast #12 Live at The Pourhouse NJ 6-13-15 Seg. 1

    In this episode, we record live and direct from the upstairs bar at The Pourhouse in NJ. Our good friend of many many years and 20 year beer-biz veteran Rob Forczek sits in for this segment. We drink a Dogfish beer, we dissect a White Ale from a Trappist Brewery, Rob drops an Allagash Victoria on our heads, we talk about Richard working out and being a music coach, and sound like jaded old vets as we break down Philly Beer week.

  131. Thumb 1519864019 artwork

    Backyard Podcast Featuring Bobby Parent & D: Students Bonus

    This episode was recorded on the fly, on Jay's iPhone, on his back porch, on a Sunday night. Life-long friend of Jay and Richard, Bobby Parent is our guest, as it was his idea to smoke bourbon glasses and pour bourbon into the smoked glasses. Richard has a devil of a time with a Cuban cigar, the boys geek out over Federal Donuts, and Richard mentions that he's had a few dudes. This is a fun one, pour a bourbon and enjoy the show! Cheers and Beers! BONUS CLIP: The last 12 or so minutes of this episode is a segment Jay and Richard recorded in 2007 for Richard's final broadcasting school grade. No beer talk on this one and it is a bit "shock-jock-ish" in the vein of a Stern or O & A. That was the project. Sticking with the Bobby Parent theme, the boys call Bob and and ask him all those burning questions you've always wanted to... Ask A Gay Dude. The name D: Students refers to the file where this segment was hiding on the school computer. Richard couldn't find the file on the computer and needed an instructor to find it. When he found it, the instructor said, "It's right here, in the file marked D: Students." The boys knew they now had a name for the show. But they never did another show. Until they started doing Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet, 8 years later. D: Students indeed.

  132. Thumb 1519864000 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Pour House 4-26-15 Seg 2

    Our second segment of our live at the Pourhouse Podcast. In this episode we drink a braggot from Harpoon Brewing and Andrea Billick joins us again to talk beer in wine barrels. We also enjoy a Weyerbacher Tarte Nouveau from the hand-pump and get very confused as to what we were drinking. Craft-Beer-Super-Rep Natalie DeChicco from Weyerbacher brewing drops science via an impromptu phone call and clears up any confusion anyone may have about Tarte Nouveau. This is a MUST LISTEN!!!

  133. Thumb 1519863998 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Live at the Pour House 4-26-2015 Segment 1

    Segment 1 of 2 live from The Pourhouse in Westmont NJ. The "stupid question of the day alarm" happens by accident, a hung over Jay Rose completely fakes his way through and bungles the description of a vintage cider, Wine expert Andrea Billick helps Jay decipher the cider, and Richard's man crush on John Mayer is reveled.

  134. Thumb 1519863978 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Geek Fest Seg 4

    4th and FINAL installment from Geek Fest. We're clearly exhausted by this point in the day. In this segment we sample the Otter Creek Back Seat Berner and Neshaminy Creek Coconut Milk Stout. The BBQ Guy and the Chicken Lady square off, and we look deeper into Richard's health issues.

  135. Thumb 1519863978 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Geek Fest Seg 3

    In this segment the wheels continue to come off the wagon. We sample the new Kirsch Gose from Victory Brewing, Pivo Pils from Firestone Walker and more Oscar Blues Pinner. Richard gets Fleeced by chicks dressed as things and explains why Ren and Stimpy got canceled, and we met a gentleman that may or may not have reinvented quaaludes.

  136. Thumb 1519864039 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Geek Fest 040515 Seg 2

    This is segment 2 of our triumphant live broadcast from South Jersey Geekfest. In this segment we welcome our first ever craft beer guest, John Hoyos from Hunterdon Brewing. John brings a few beers from his portfolio to try and dissect, Various fest-goers jump on mic and mix it up with the boys, Richard connects with a fella (?) he knows from the past and explains some of the stunts he was up to back when he did morning radio. This is where things get slightly uncomfortable. For the whole room .

  137. Thumb 1519863958 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Geek Fest 040515 Seg 1

    Our first live broadcast ever from South Jersey Geekfest in Woodbury NJ! This is our first segment of the day where we set ourselves up for a less-than normal craft beer podcast situation. Beer is present, we introduce our producer Dan, and Richard is blissfully Richard.

  138. Thumb 1519863958 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet 031515

    Episode 4 of Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Podcast. In this episode, we talk about the term "craft" vs. the term "crafty." Explore the short attention span of the modern craft beer drinker, and announce our live broadcast from South Jersey Geek fest on April 4th.

  139. Thumb 1519864034 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet 030115

    In this episode we dissect a Braggot, fuss over lager vs ale, compare hops to weed (again), shit on flavor-bomb ales, and discuss why living with your coke dealer is a bad idea.

  140. Thumb 1519864026 artwork

    Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet Podcast #2 2-7-15

    Second in the series of craft beer themed podcasts hosted by Jay Rose And Richard. In this episode we talk about the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, AB-InBEV buying out Elysian Brewing, Trade-Bait, Paying cops a cover charge, and Drinking something other than beer by accident.

  141. Thumb 1519864031 artwork
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