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Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet is a craft beer podcast hosted by lifelong friends Jay Rose, James “Richard” Rabic, and Rob Forczek. Jay Rose and Rob have been in the NJ beer business for 20 years and Richard spent a good amount of time in the NJ radio world. The three of them have not only shared friendship but also the stage as they were collectively involved in the slow-growing Jam Band scene in the Philly/NJ area in the 90’s. The podcast works because Richard is a beer novice while Jay Rose and Rob have seen the craft beer business grow up and become what it is today. They treat the show the same way they would treat improvising on stage as musicians; not much planning and minimal actual “show prep.” It’s a conversation about beer, the business of beer, and the parallels between the beer business and the music business. Beers are consumed and discussed, stories are told, and chaos generally ensues by the end of every episode. Get into it. Get involved.

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    #75 Part 2 Live From Jupiter Records For Record Store Day

    Part 2 of our Record Store Day extravaganza at Jupiter Records in Woodbury Heights NJ. Ryan Horner from Dogfish sits in, Chuck Garrity from Death Of A Fox Brewing saves the day with a corkscrew to open the Neshaminy In The Midnight Sour, George from the Woodbury FAF Coalition Explains Lot 323, and Jay Rose and Rob explain how they both discovered the No Simple Road Podcast on the same day at the same time. Good stuff. If you want open a beer and play a drinking game while you listen, DRINK every time Rob mentions Ohio.

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    #74 Live From Jupiter Records For Record Store Day

    This is segment 1 of 2 from what has now become a bit of a tradition for us. This is our 3rd Record Store Day Podcast, and the second year in a row we've done it from Jupiter Records in Woodbury Heights NJ. Record Store Day falls right at the end of the Hippie High Holidaze of Bicycle Day, 4/20, the anniversary of Prince's death and Earth Day. Seeing as how Dogfish Head is the official beer of Record Store Day, we had Ryan Horner from Dogfish sit in with some beautiful liquid. The theme of this one was "Opening The Vaults." We all brought beers from the deep dark recesses of our collections and opened them on the show. Most of the beers that were opened were older than our children. Rob opens a VERY sour Stone Enjoy After, Jay Rose breaks down how to drink a sour beer, Steve Zimmerman from Jupiter shares some of the more ridiculous things he finds in record collections, and Richard enjoys an 11 year old 120 IPA. Chuck Garrity from Death Of A Fox Brewing in Clarksboro NJ hangs for a bit to explain how his brewery is a coffee house and his coffee house is a brewery. Very cool stuff. Open a beer from your vault and enjoy the ride!

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    #73 Saison Day from Tonewood Brewing in Oaklyn NJ

    Everyday is IPA day. Even though there's an actual "IPA Day" on the calendar (sometime in August maybe?) it really occurs every day of the week. Saison needed its own day to bask in the sunlight and be appreciated for its delicate intricacies, and Allagash Brewing created such a day. We celebrated Saison Day with our very good friends at Tonewood brewing. Ryan Egan from Tonewood sat in, Jared Ruocco from Allagash stopped by to explain Saison Day, we figured out where our lost microphone cables escaped to, and Richard explains his latest employment situation. I don't remember the last time we laughed this hard on a podcast. If you need a few HA-HA's in your life, this is the episode for you. Pop open a beautiful Saison and enjoy the ride.

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    #72 Sam Calagione Founder Of Dogfish Head Brewing Live at The Blue Monkey Tavern in Merchantville NJ

    72 was recorded at the Blue Monkey Tavern in Merchantville NJ first with just us, then with the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewing, Sam Calagione. You might remember Dogfish from such productions as 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA, 120 Minute IPA, and literally changing the face of craft brewing in America. We wrap up AC Beer Fest, we talk about Dogfish Beers, the Beer Biz, music, craft beer cocktails, and variety pack packaging that doubles as a cooler. A very compelling episode with one of the people on our Craft Beer Mt. Rushmore. Heady stuff!

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    #71 Ironbound Cider House Party With Cam Stark and Erin Baschwitz From Ironbound

    71 takes place around a kitchen table at a kitschy Air B & B right outside Atlantic City NJ with Cam and Erin from Ironbound Cider. Ironbound is located on a farm in northwest NJ that produces legitimate, handmade, artful, hard cider. With over 25 years of wine making experience under his belt, Cam is the Cider Maker at Ironbound and walks us through the steps it takes to make such a beautiful beverage. Erin is one of the people responsible for getting the cider from the farm, to your hands. We discuss regenerative farming, employing ex-cons and refugees, cider apples vs eating apples, and the challenges involved with going up against giant multinational sweet cider producers on shelves and on tap. This one is very educational!

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    #70 Back In Business

    Annnnnnd we're back! With a slight equipment upgrade we're back to sounding like we know what we're doing and firing on cylinders! On this episode we celebrate our first legit episode on the Osiris Podcast Network with a 5 year old Allagash Tiarna, and we explain our new theme music which is from our band from the 90's. John Couchoud from South Jersey Beer Scene calls in to help us navigate the ever-murky waters of NJ beer politics, there's a general discussion about a new "craft beer" tasting room in Philly, and Richard explains how he's taking over the world of podcasting one podcast at a time.

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    #69 NICE.

    This episode takes place at the bar in Rob's house and was recorded on 3 iPhones. We each had one in front of us. All 3 files were sent to Richard where he married the audio to make it sound whole. Only issue was, Jay Rose got 2 calls during the recording which threw off the Synch. Richard being the audio dynamo that he his, saved the episode. JR sounds a little like a Daft Punk robot toward the end which isn't the end of the world. That's what he gets for not turning on airplane mode while recording. We drink beers from Omnipollo, Evil Twin, Neshaminy Creek, and our boys Tonewood. A NICE time was had by all.

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    #68 Live From Philly Homebrew Outlet in Oaklyn NJ

    This episode was recorded with Jimmy McMillan and Nick Less from their newest Philly Homebrew Outlet location in Oaklyn NJ. We touch on all the interesting things these guys are up to over there from home brewing, to bee keeping, to making homemade sourdough bread, Kombucha, and soap. They're located next to Tonewood brewing and they're ready to help you discover a new DIY hobby! Also, Richard's dog is prominently featured on the podcast barking every 4 seconds followed by Richard clapping at the dog to quiet it down. That does not work. Like at all. Beers are consumed and whiskey shows up at the end just to make sure the end of the podcast is the train wreck it normally is. Mission accomplished.

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    #67 Live From The Brickwall Tavern AND Cooper Hospital AND San Diego

    This episode happened in 3 different places. We did the episode at the Brickwall Tavern in Burlington City. We then cut to a few minutes of a podcast that was never released that Rob and Jay Rose did with Andy "The Beer Man" Coppock on a trip to San Diego in 2015. Then another cut to Cooper Hospital in Camden NJ after Richard's latest procedure. Anyone know what a Dolphin Bed is? You'll find out. Also, Ryan and Schaffer from Evermore Coffee Roasters stop by to talk coffee while sipping Hill Farmstead Beers with us.

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    #66 Live from Tonewood Brewing in Oaklyn NJ

    This episode has been a long time in the making. We sit down with Eli, Taylor, Ryan and Katie from Tonewood Brewing to discuss how they have risen to become one of the hottest breweries in the region! You'll see how we go from quiet, to comfortable and informative, to complete chaos over the course of 2 1/2+ hours. We added some music in spots, Jay Rose did a voice over 2 hours and 25 mins in to describe the chaos and the end is well... you should hear it, Phish is involved! This might be some of our best work and easily one of the most fun podcasts we've ever done, you'll def hear that when you listen. Grab a Fuego and and take a ride with Tonewood!

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